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Woman On Top Sex Positions

Similar to the sitting sexual positions these woman on top positions give the female partner a much larger degree of control over both the thrusting and depth of penetration during sexual intercourse.

A great advantage of this position is that it frees up both partners hands which allows caressing and stimulation of each others genitalia. Penetration can become to deep and slightly painful for females in this position if the male "pulls" their hips down continually, however the female still has the majority of control and can easily prevent this occurring.

Again this position is advantageous if the female is pregnant due to the size of the belly not effecting intercourse session. Personally this is one of my favorite alternatives to the man on top sexual positions as not having to do all the work is nice but not having total control is also very arousing.

Variations on the basic woman on top position are easily gained with the female switching the direction of her body, lying back rather than sitting up straight or the male raising his knees to support the females body.

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